Civil Construction

Our construction team completes civil construction projects, including road way development, ditching and utility installation. Barnes Construction Solutions works with all types of equipment and materials to meet the specification and requirements pertaining to the governing agency of the job location. We use a combination of technologically advanced machinery, detailed plans, and economic problem solving to help your building and roadway operations run more smoothly.     �


Site Prep

 Barnes Construction Solutions can work with you throughout the entire construction process, beginning with site preparation. We perform preparation for building construction, new unit construction, foundation work, and more. Our team establishes bench marks and lays out the orientation of the site before bringing in the required materials. We finish preparation by creating access for trucks and other vehicles that will need to pass through during construction and set up any lay down and storage areas as required. 


Structual Concrete/ Concrete Paving

 Barnes Construction Solutions provides concrete paving large and small. This area of service includes structures and flatwork. We can provide footings, slabs, heavy concrete paving, parking lots, drainage structures, and much more. We work with many industries, including agricultural, commercial, and industrial. Our construction team can provide residential concrete for new construction such as slabs, footings, and driveways. We also replace existing residential concrete that is cracked and failing or unappealing. 



 We provide excavation to begin construction projects such as importing/exporting fill material, extreme cuts and fills, grade modifications, drainage improvements and any other type of earth moving needs. Our experienced construction team has developed the best machinery and workflow operations to maintain the highest levels of safety and efficiency. When we complete the excavation process, you’ll be ready to move forward with your project with confidence. 


Retaining Walls

 Retaining walls are essential in preventing erosion, creating distinctive property boundaries, and maximize usable space by separating challenging grades. Barnes Construction Solutions is highly skilled in the construction of segmental block walls and reinforced concrete walls with intricate shapes and designs. 



 Our Tulsa construction company also builds ponds for businesses and homes. From small farm ponds to large ponds that will enhance several acres, we provide pond construction, clean-out, or closure services. We build dams and include clay liners to ensure years of worry-free use. Whether you’re adding a new feature to your land or require a fishing area, Barnes Construction Solutions will build your pond quickly and accurately. 


Land Development & Clearing

 Barnes Construction Solutions offers land development and clearing services. We offer an air curtain incinerator on your site to dispose of trees and brush in an environmentally friendly and efficient way. If we are unable to burn on site we can relocate all trees and brush. We also offer land development, working with business owners and other contractors to define goals for the property and carry out the next steps in using the area for its intended purpose. 


Erosion Control

 Erosion control is an essential part of protecting the investment you've made in an area of land. Our Tulsa construction company offers solutions for stabilizing embankments. We offer installation of silt fence, rip rap placement, erosion control blankets, and turf reinforcement mats to retain your property's soil.